Recruiting Policy


CLE Swimming wants to make sure its members are aware of the recruiting rules involved in USA club swimming.


Under the USA Swimming Code of Conduct, Article 304.3.17, “the action…to recruit or otherwise encourage an athlete who is already a member of a USA Swimming member swim club to leave that club…” is a violation of the USA Swimming Code of Conduct.


The are only two main exceptions to this rule.  One is if it is a general advertisement, such as a flyer, mailing, information table, or other like promotion.  The second is when the swimmer or his or her parent or guardian has initiated the communication and given approval to recruit or encourage the swimmer to change teams. An example of this exception is when swimmers who are registered with other clubs contact our coaching staff to inquire about our team.


Simply put, do not initiate contact with any other families about transferring from another USA Swimming team to our team—even if you think our team is a perfect fit or if your child is having a wonderful experience with our team. If someone asks you about joining our team, please direct that person to email one of our coaches directly, so that we have documentation of the communication.


Thanks in advance for adhering to this policy. Please feel free to contact Coach Rich if you are confused or concerned about communicating with others about our team.